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Why did we start a fashion store offering low-priced sunglasses? Everyone seem to be asking us the same question.

Years ago, I was picking my mum up from the grocery store. My $300 pair of designer sunglasses was resting on the passenger seat of my car. And when she came in, SHE SAT ON IT!!! That was when I started looking for cheaper sunnies. Heck no, I won’t let that happen again. No more risking a few hundred bucks on stuff that can be easily replaceable. Furthermore, what we usually pay for is only for the BRAND of the sunglasses.

That’s when we decided to bring affordable and durable shades to you. Do you know that sunglasses also protect your eyes and make you look younger? When it’s hot and sunny, a nice pair of shades will keep us from squinting. Hence, less wrinkles! When you do not have good sleep last night, a nice pair of sunnies will hide your dark eye circles. When you look young, you will feel young too!

Merlineer sunglasses store offers a wide range of styles and colors that suit you. From Aviators to Vintage, Round to Cat Eye, Sports to even Customized and Personalized, we follow the latest fashion trend. Our sunglasses are always priced below $100!


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